I awoke this morning to find a nasty email in my inbox. It had to do with the review I posted about The Dead Years yesterday and rather than be pissed off by it, I thought it was hilarious.

It said things like, “You seem like an attention-seeking hard ass who has nothing better to do than to tear down new authors and wonderful books” and “Your review said absolutely nothing about the story so what was the point?” My favorite line was “You probably hate everything you read so why am I wasting my time?”

Ok…first of all, as I said in my review – Just because you have the ability to self-publish a book doesn’t mean you have the ability to write one that should be published. The Dead Years is nothing more than a rehash of all the “good” zombie stories that have ever been written and was told in a way that made me cringe. There was nothing original about the story and hard as I tried to love it, I hated almost every word.

Second point: Is it a reviewer’s job to tell the story an author has worked hard to bring to life? I don’t think so. Nothing ruins my day faster than reading a review that gives away every major plot point of a book. 

Third and final point: I don’t hate everything I read. In fact I love (or strongly like) almost everything I read and this is evident when you look at my reviews on Amazon. To love a book all I need is a strong plot and likable characters written in a way that shows me the author is an adult with a brain. Of course the more original, sick, and twisted it is, the more I’ll love it. 

Aren’t those all the things a horror story is supposed to be?



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