Review #5 – Fat Vampire

ImageOkay, Fat Vampire isn’t technically a horror book but it’s entertaining nonetheless. 

In Fat Vampire, we follow Reginald, a fat guy who inadvertently gets turned into a vampire. Now everyone knows that if you get turned when you’re old, you will be old for eternity. The same holds true if you become a vampire when you’re overweight or out of shape. That is the way you’ll stay forever. Unfortunately for Reginald, he’s fat and nothing at all like the perpetually young, buff, good-looking vampires people have come to expect. 

Fat Vampire is written by Johnny B. Truant and is a book filled with a little suspense and a lot of humor. This book is the first in a set of 6 and is free to download. 

Fat Vampire – US

Fat Vampire – UK


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