Review #7: Vicious

Image  I have to start this review by telling you that the synopsis for this book made me extremely nervous. Vicious is a book about dogs who are made mean by their owner. It made me nervous for a couple of reasons. The first being that I have always been an animal lover. Growing up in a house where my father thought the only way to properly discipline a dog was by beating the hell out of it gave me a soft spot for all animals, but especially dogs.

The second thing that made me wary of this book was the breed of dog it deals with. The vicious dogs in this book are Presas Canarios, or Spanish Mastiffs. Mastiffs, because of their size and the way they are often raised (as fighting dogs) get a bad rap in today’s society. The last thing I wanted to see was a Mastiff breed being discriminated against. I am currently the proud mom to a 150 pound, 2-year old English Mastiff named Franklin. I didn’t want to see Franklin’s “cousins” being talked about unfairly.

Having said all that, this book was nothing like what I expected. The author, Bryan Alsapa, loves animals and made sure his readers know that the dogs were the way they were because of humans, not because of their breed.

I really liked this book. It was exciting and anyone who has ever owned a giant breed dog, or is afraid of giant breed dogs will be able to relate to this story very well. Vicious contains an alternate ending that isn’t quite as nice as the original ending but worth reading nonetheless.

You can own Vicious for $3.99 and if you’re a dog lover like me, it’s well worth the price.

Vicious – US


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