Review #8 – The Flu

Forget zombies, vampires, and psychotic serial killers. True horror comes in the form of a deadly virus that turns your insides to mush and wipes out 80% of the planet. Everyday the world gets closer to this type of event occurring and in The Flu, author Jaqueline Druga depicts the scenario very well.

ImageImagine living in a small town where you can only sit and watch the rest of the world crumble due to a deadly virus that is wiping out more men, women, and kids than the bubonic plague.  If you get the flu, there’s more than a 75% chance it will kill you and the death you will suffer may be quick, but it is far from painless.

The Flu is a very good book that follows this deadly virus from Anchorage,. Alaska, to Los Angeles, to a small town in Ohio. In Lodi Ohio, readers get to know Mick, Dylan, Lars, and Patrick, each of whom have an interesting story to tell. You’ll learn to love these characters and begin to care about what happens to them. 

This book is very well written and the editing is almost flawless, which is something you don’t see much of these days. One thing that bothered me was the way the author wrote some of her dialogue. It…it looked a lot like this.  It…it drove me crazy after awhile. 

Also, by the time I was around 60 percent through the story, I was beginning to wonder if the author was afraid to have some of her main characters catch the flu and more importantly, die from it. She more than made up for it and by the last couple of chapters, I was crying like a baby.  If you tell anyone that, I’ll deny it.

If you love a good post-apocalyptic tale that doesn’t involve zombies or nuclear war, check out The Flu.




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