Who’s to Blame?

I’m currently in the middle of a poorly edited self-published zombie book. After counting enough mistakes in the book to make my head spin, I started thinking about who is to blame for releasing a book with so many errors. Is it the editor’s fault, or the author?

I know this book was edited by a person/company who’s job it is to edit. I’ve seen the name on several books before. As an editor myself, letting something this bad get released makes me embarrassed not only for the editor who’s name appears on the first few pages, but for the author who paid this person to remove all the mistakes from the book.

But who is to blame for these mistakes? An author finishes writing the book and sends it to an editor. The editor is supposed to clean up spelling, typos, grammatical errors and communicate plot inconsistencies to the author. Isn’t it the author’s job to check the editor’s work before the book is released?

Don’t get me wrong. Not every editor and author will catch every mistake and one here or there won’t be distracting enough to take away from the story. But when words are constantly missing, the grammar doesn’t make sense, and spelling errors leap off the page, it’s enough to make me want to throw my Kindle out the window and yell at the author.

Are readers supposed to accept these types of errors these days? In a world where instant reviews are the norm, and readers can slam you for the smallest errors, you would think authors would try harder to make something they’re proud to put their mane on.


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