Review: Savage

I am so incredibly stoked (I never use that word) to be able to bring you a first look at the new novel by acclaimed author Iain Rob Wright titled Savage, before it’s released.

Before I begin let me just say that this man could write a shopping list and I would be completely enthralled. He writes because he loves to write; not just for the money, and it shows in every single one of his books. Now then…on to the good stuff.

Savage is the sequel to Ravage which is the sequel to Sea Sick. Although this book stands beautifully on its own, one should read Wright’s other books to truly appreciate the little nuances in Savage. Fans of his will immediately recognize characters and references which makes this book even more exciting. Savage deals with the zombie apocalypse and by the end you’ll discover the best and the worst of humanity, cheer for your favorite characters, and realize that all zombie novels are not created equal. Wright doesn’t have to resort to gratuitous violence and profanity to make this book work. He does it with good old-fashioned storytelling, and character development, which are two things the literary world seems to be lacking at times. 

I refuse to give any major plot points away in this review. All I will tell you is that Savage is exciting from beginning to end. It gives closure to his characters and although you’ll be glad to see some folks get what’s coming to them, you’ll certainly mourn the loss of others. 

Savage is not yet available but while you’re waiting for its release, check out some other books by my new favorite author. You won’t be sorry.

U.S. Iain Rob Wright – Author Page 

UK Iain Rob Wright – Author Page



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