Review: Draculas

Image Twilight completely ruined vampires for me. I grew up loving the Bela Lugosi-created monster and there is no better horror novel than the original Dracula written by Bram Stoker. If you too are a fan of what vampires used to be, this is the book for you.

Horror authors Jack Kilborn (JA Konrath), Blake Crouch, F. Paul Wilson, and Jeff Strand collaborated to tell the story of Mortimer Moorecook, a rich, eccentric old man who is dying of cancer. Moorecook gets his hands on a skull that will change his life and the lives of everyone in town forever. 

In this collaboration, vampires aren’t cuddly hot guys that sparkle in the sunlight. These vampires would love nothing more than to rip your throat out and suck every ounce of blood from your body. Isn’t that awesome?! I stayed up all night reading this one and the lack of sleep was totally worth it.

These four authors wrote this book using nothing but video chat and Dropbox. There’s supposed to be a sequel, but I haven’t heard anything about it in recent months. 

For the low price of $3.99 (2.05 UK) you not only get this 80,000 word novel, but there’s a ton of bonus material included as well so it is more than worth the price.

Draculas – US

Draculas – UK



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