Horror Novels I would Like to See Made Into Movies

Unlike many women, I don’t pay good money to see the latest adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel brought to life on the big screen. Romance films and sappy chick flicks are not my thing. The more action, and disturbing moments a movie has, the more I’ll like it. So I have compiled a short list of novels that I think would make great movies. Feel free to disagree with some or all of these and to add your own list. This could be fun!

  1. William Malmborg’s Nikki’s Secret. Nikki’s Secret is a book about mistaken identity that is exciting from beginning to end and more than a little creepy. 
  2. Iain Rob Wright’s ASBO. ASBO is the story of a group of teen thugs that brutally terrorizes an unsuspecting family all because the dad refuses to buy the gang’s leader a pack of cigarettes.
  3. Martin J. Smith’s Time Release. In today’s world where everyone is still worried about terrorism, Time Release, a thrilling story about product tampering, would make a great movie.
  4. Trish Marie Dawson’s I Hope You Find Me. This is a post-apocalyptic story of a global viral outbreak that kills Riley’s young children and everyone else she has ever cared about. Riley sets out to find other survivors and everywhere she goes, she leaves a note saying, “I hope you find me.” Of course she has her adventures along the way and there’s everything from romance to horror in this book.
  5. Chris Stralyn’s This Time You Lose. This is a story about a gang who breaks into and holds hostage, a day care center. This story is a little brutal at times, but I think it would make a great film.

To me, a horror movie doesn’t have to have vampires, aliens, zombies, or monsters to be entertaining or scary.  I have a huge list of books I would love to see made into movies including some by Scott Nicholson, JA Konrath and others, but these came to mind quickly because of their complex plots, realistic characters, and all-around exciting stories.

Which books would you like to see made into movies? 


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