British Versus American

Are British authors better than American authors? I think in many cases they are.

Of course, I’m speaking very generally and only of the horror genre. There are plenty of American authors out there who are phenomenal (Scott Nicholson being one of my favorites) and of course I don’t want to offend anyone, but as a general rule, I like British authors better, although I really can’t tell you why.

It’s often easy to tell if a person is American or British simply by his or her writing style. I have never chosen a book based on one’s nationality, nor will I ever do so, but I think many British writers have a better grasp on the English language and write more fluid text. Contrary to what we Americans might think, the British novels I have had the pleasure of reading are not at all stuffy and uptight as some may be inclined to believe.

On that note, I’ll leave you with this good news. Savage by Iain Rob Wright was released yesterday. You may recall I was a beta reader for the book, and I’m excited to say that my name is in it. That’s not why you should buy it though. You should buy it because it’s an amazing zombie novel by one of my favorite authors who just happens to be…





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