I need an attention span. Anyone have one to spare?

I’m one of those types who just can’t sit still. TV shows and movies rarely hold my attention and as I sit here writing this, I’ve already gotten up once in the last 2 minutes. Okay, make that twice. 

Why am I telling you this? Because I would love to write a book. Fiction, nonfiction, it doesn’t matter but I want to be able to sit down and write something I am proud of. That doesn’t mean I am ready to enter the world of self publishing but I want to write a children’s book for a very special 5-year old in my life and jot down the sick ideas I have for a horror novel. 

As you know, I write for a living. I am currently working on 350-400-word articles for a South African website. My writing and editing is uncredited and truthfully, I get no joy from it other than a weekly paycheck. This week’s articles included how to raise healthy chickens and the differences between LCD, LED, and Plasma televisions.

Big deal…

I’m not getting any younger and I really want to be able to sit still long enough to write something worthwhile. One of my favorite authors, Iain Rob Wright said he treats his writing as a day job. He gets up, makes coffee, sits down at his desk and writes until it’s quitting time. So why can’t I do that after I’m finished with my “day job?”

I don’t know. If anyone has any tips or tricks that will actually help me get the ball rolling and focus a little better, I’m all ears. Until then, I have an article about donkeys to write.



3 thoughts on “I need an attention span. Anyone have one to spare?

  1. It sounds trite but you just have to write. Set a time for your personal writing and stick to it, even if it’s only an hour each day. It’s not easy but it’s the only way. Once you get into the groove it will start flowing and what you write might seem bad to you (mine always does to me), but just keep at it, get that first draft down and then worry about the rewrite to tie things together and add a nice sheen of polish.
    I’m just finishing up the proofreading on my ‘début’ novel (apocalyptic horror – want a copy to review?) and some days have been a real slog, especially the editing, the rewriting, the damn proofing!
    To paraphrase Stephen King, ‘close the office door and write’


  2. Dawnzilla, Paul Simister (above) provides some brilliant advice and also, check out Stephen King’s book On Writing, that’s excellent too. Russell Blake’s website, where he provides a lot of inspiring advice for writers is very good also. I’ve learned a lot since I began, two and a half years ago, and have improved, and am still learning and will keep on improving as a writer over the years as a result. There are many other websites that provide tons of tips and advice too; some written by established authors who kindly give up some of their time to help, motivate, encourage and inspire fellow writers. 🙂 I hope any of this helps you. I find it to be pure gold, what I’ve learned – and am continuing to learn – over time.


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