Review: Haunted House

Image I have to give Haunted House by Jack Kilborn/JA Konrath a mixed review and I don’t want to do it. I believe I have mentioned before how much I love this author and I both loved and hated this book. Here’s why…

Haunted House is the story of eight people from Kilborn’s other books who are brought together to spend one night in a house that can only be described as “hell.” Characters from books such as, Afraid, Trapped, Origin, and Endurance are brought together under the pretense of winning one million dollars if they can survive one night in this house. This aspect of the book I absolutely LOVED. I like it when authors tie their characters together and have them interact and I especially like seeing what happens to them after they suffer through something traumatic. Believe me, each of these people couldn’t have suffered any more than they did at the hands of the sick and twisted JA Konrath in the books leading up to this one. (I say that in a good way, of course)

So, throughout this book I was excited, really excited. Then the ending came. I remember groaning because it was just so anticlimactic, rushed, and well, boring. I was extremely disappointed with the way the book ended. I was also saddened by the amount of typos and grammar errors that appeared in Haunted House because it just isn’t Konrath’s style to release a book that is so poorly edited. I have since learned that most of the boo boos have been fixed, which is a good thing.

In closing I’ll summarize by saying that the book was great although the ending kind of sucked, but as usual, you be the judge. I hope you enjoy the WHOLE book more than I did. 


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