Review: Pressure

Image I read Pressure for two reasons:  1. It was recommended by JA Konrath and 2. Jeff Strand wrote it. Now c’mon…who doesn’t like Jeff Strand, right?

Pressure is the story of two guys, one of which turns out to be a sociopathic killer. Alex and Darren are childhood friends and as their friendship progresses and they grow into adults, Alex finds out that Darren is becoming obsessed with every part of Alex’s life and has an unnatural curiosity about death. The bottom line? Darren is a creepy guy.

Intrigued so far?

Strand really does a magnificent job of getting readers hooked during the first few pages and he doesn’t let go until the end of the book. I can’t really say it is scary, unless you’re scared of psychotic killers, but it is certainly creepy and full of suspense. It would have been nice to learn more about Darren’s motivation and thought processes, but Pressure works very well without it.


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