Review: After: Milepost 291

ImageAfter: Milepost 291 is the third installment in the After series by Scott Nicholson. Two months ago, solar flares killed billions of people, wiped out all technology, and most of those left alive had changed into what the “normal” survivors call “Zapheads”, violent mutants who collect dead bodies and mimic human behaviors. The story revolves around Rachel Wheeler, a young woman trying to find her way to her grandfather’s survivalist camp at Milepost 291.

This is a great stand-alone book for those who haven’t read the rest of the series, but it really helps to read the others first. Rachel goes through some significant changes in this book and we continue to follow her grandfather, Franklin, Campbell, DeVontay and Stephen as well.

As usual, Nicholson doesn’t hold back and sucks readers in from page 1. I never expected Rachel to go through what she is currently in the middle of (Can you tell I’m trying not to give anything away?) and I can’t wait to see how DeVontay handles it.  And poor Campbell! You can’t help but to feel bad for the guy. 

I am really enjoying the After series and this book is just as good as the others. If you like post-apocalyptic stories and even zombies, although the Zapheads aren’t technically zombies, you will love After.


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