Review: This is the End 2

Image I don’t think reviewing a whole box set is usually the right thing to do since each story can stand alone, good or bad. However, for the sake of time, I’m breaking my own rule.

This is the End 2 is a 9-book box set of post-apocalyptic tales, each one with something different to offer. Authors like JA Konrath, Scott Nicholson, and JR Rain have combined to offer books that are (generally) exciting and fun to read. Stories like Breakers by Edward W. Robertson offer a unique perspective on the end of the world. My least favorite story of the bunch may surprise you considering my love for JA Konrath. Timecasters was one of my least favorite books because it it a little more sci-fi-ish than the others and sci-fi really isn’t my thing. Another book I just couldn’t get into was The Forgotten Jacqueline Druga. It was just a little too slow-moving for me even after a couple of chapters. I was disappointed considering how much I have enjoyed some of her other books.

This is the End 2 has everything from aliens to plagues to zombies and the best part is that it is only .99. If end of the world tales are as fun to you as they are to me, pick up your copy today, before the price goes back up.


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