Review: Ravage, the Audiobook

I will be the first to tell you that most of the time, I don’t see the point in audiobooks. Unless you can’t read for whatever reason, or need something to keep you company on a long road trip, to me, audiobooks are kind of pointless. My way of thinking is this: Why have someone read to me when I can read quite well on my own? 

So why am I reviewing an audiobook? Because this one was really good, that’s why.

Ravage is the story of Nick Adams, a under-appreciated retail manager who finds himself smack dab in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. He leaves his house after his wife and son turn into zombies and searches for semblance of normalcy and a cure. Little does he know things are much worse than he feared and he ends up fighting for his life on more than one occasion. My favorite part of Ravage is the ending, because you don’t see it coming…at all.

The audiobook is read by Nigel Patterson, a fellow with a lovely British accent. Those of you who follow this blog (thank you, BTW) know I’m a sucker for a British or Australian accent. Mr. Patterson does a brilliant job of reading this book, even doing the voices seamlessly. It’s a little odd at first, hearing a man do a woman’s voice, but eventually, you get used to it.

I know, I know. Audiobooks are expensive. However, as I said in the beginning, if you are unable to read due to poor eyesight, or just need something to keep you company on a long drive, audiobooks are the way to go. If you are not on the audiobook bandwagon as of yet, there’s no better way to jump aboard than by sinking your teeth into an exciting zombie apocalypse novel. Audible will let you download one book for free when you join their service. Otherwise, Ravage will set you back around $23. Happy listening!


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