Review: The Devil’s Woods by Brian Moreland


The Devil’s Woods is the story of Kyle Elkheart a member of the Cree Indian tribe who has left his reservation and his past behind to pursue a very successful writing career. In the midst of dealing with his own demons, he is persuaded by his brother Eric to visit his childhood home on the Cree reservation in Canada.

When the brothers, along with their sister Shawna, make it to the reservation, they learn their father is missing and also find out that women have been disappearing in the woods near the reservation for more than 100 years. Kyle and his family go in search of their father and what they find is shocking and horrifying.

‘Before I begin my review let me tell you that this is the first of Mr. Moreland’s books I have had the pleasure of reading, but it certainly won’t be the last.

I was a bit skeptical when I started reading The Devil’s Woods. Native American folklore really isn’t my thing but after reading the prologue, I was hooked. (Yes, even the prologue was exciting.) After that, the first couple of chapters were a bit slow but Mr. Moreland more than makes up for it with everything you would expect from a well-written horror novel. You have ghosts,  just enough romance to where I didn’t want to gouge my own eyes out, and jaw-dropping twists and turns that will smack you in the face and leave your jaw on the floor. (if that really happens to you, please let me know and send pictures) Combine all these things with some scary “monsters” and a very real sense of not knowing who the characters can trust, and The Devil’s Woods is a book you won’t soon forget. 

You can find this awesome book for $5 on Amazon and I promise you, it is worth every penny.


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