Review: The Vagrants by Brian Moreland

Image Brain Moreland has done it again with his latest novella, The Vagrants. In this nail-biting tale, a group of homeless people is brainwashed to follow an evil man known as Mordecai. Under Mordecai’s leadership, the group is led to believe the end of the world is near and they become mindless cannibalistic zombies.

When Mordecai shows up, a man named Daniel is among the group of homeless he tries to convert to his way of thinking. Daniel is only living among the homeless to do research for a book he hopes will shed light on the plights of homeless people. He resists Mordecai’s efforts which results in a crazy climax at the end of the book.

Moreland delivers the same suspense and scares he has become known for and I spent the last half of the book biting my nails down to nubs.

I love Moreland’s writing because as a reader, I never know quite what to expect from him. Some of the horror he writes is in your face while some is subtly painted and left to your imagination. What you can always expect from a Brian Moreland book is colorful characters, brilliant dialogue and suspense and thrills that are hard to find anywhere else.  If you’re in the mood for a story that is unique and well-written, The Vagrants is a book written by a man who obviously loves what he does and writes for his fans, not for the money.


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