Review: Chronicler of the Undead by Mainak Dhar

ImageEveryone who knows me and this blog knows I’m a huge fan of post-apocalyptic stories, especially when they deal with zombies. Chronicler of the Undead is written as a diary, so I was a fan from the beginning.

The story follows a man living in a world that is dominated by zombies, or as he calls them, the Moreko. The Moreko are everywhere and this man goes through plenty of trials and tribulations dealing with the undead. I know… I keep referring to the main character as “the man.” but his name is never revealed in the story. By the end of the book, he is known as “The Captain.” 

I loved the idea of this book. It was very well written but in parts it was also very slow.  Even the exciting parts seemed to drag on and on and on. 

If you’ve ever read a book and had to stop several times to see if it was almost over, you know how I feel about this one. I have read reviews that claim the author’s other books are infinitely more exciting than this one so I may give one a try someday.

You can pick up Chronicler of the Undead here for 99 cents or as part of the box set, From Darkness Comesa set of eight horror novels, also for 99 cents.



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