Review: The Knight Chronicles by John Cassian

All horror fans have read books about serial killers. They’re a dime a dozen and many are the same old thing, retold by someone else. For this reason, I tend to steer clear of them and focus my attention on zombies, vampires, and other monsters.

The Knight Chronicles is a compilation of two novellas written by the insanely talented John Cassian. The first is Killing Matt Cooper and the second is called Killing Sam Knight. These are unique books because they tell the story from the killer’s point of view. You learn what makes him tick and the stories are gory, creepy, and in parts, funny. 

What’s unique about this book is that you can’t help but actually LIKE the killer, which is rare in itself. Although both books are short, they are crammed full of entertainment and they are dark and twisted, which is exactly how I like my books to be.

You can purchase each of these books separately for 99 cents or the set for $1.99. You don’t have to read Killing Matt Cooper first, but I would recommend doing so as it explains how he “snaps.” After reading these two novellas, I can’t wait to see what Sam will do next.

The Knight Chronicles is unique, well-told, and definitely a new favorite of mine.


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