I know, I know. I haven’t posted on my little blog in a really long time. I haven’t read much either, and that makes me sad but I can explain my absence in three little words:

Game of Thrones

You see, when I find a show I love, just like when I find an author I love, I completely immerse myself in it. I recently got access to HBO Go and although the app itself is awful, once I got it to work, I fell in love with Game of Thrones. I finished all four seasons in less than two weeks, sacrificing sleep and my beloved books in the process. I miss reading and talking about what I have read and turning people onto new authors and new books.

A few books on my reading/review list in the near future include:

Meat: Uncut by the insanely talented Michael Bray

Ebola K: A Terrorism Thriller by Bobby Adair (already started on this one)

The Spirit Clearing by Mark Tufo

The Black Fang Betrayal which is a nine-author collaboration I can’t wait to read. Authors like J. Thorn, TW Piperbrook and TW Brown collaborated on this one and with names like that, it has to be good.

I have had a lot of requests for reviews lately and truth be told, I simply don’t have time to get to all of them. I wish I did because there are some new horror books out or soon to be released that look amazing. With Halloween on the way, I’m really looking for some fun, creepy books.


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