Murdering Iain Rob Wright.

Tow of my favorite horror authors got together and what happened between them was magical. Okay, magical may be a strong word but the story was funny.



So some of you may have heard of the author Iain Rob Wright – or as I fondly call him because his back ‘that bastard who sells more than me’. Well – in November – he and I are off to Comic Con in Cardiff to do a book signing together. We may also do karaoke but that is not definite yet. Anyway – I booked Comic Con and invited him. In response he invited me to a luncheon with some folk from ACX, Amazon and Audible. They wanted to waffle on about audiobooks so it seemed like a worthwhile idea to go along and have a listen to see if I am going to venture into that market. And – you know what – I am…

But here’s the thing: if you are new to audiobooks and you want to try one of mine as your first book. I…

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