Review: A Christmas to Remember by Matt Shaw

Okay, so my reading order got a little wonky when I found out Matt Shaw had a “Choose your own adventure” book out. I had to stop what I was doing and read it.

Was it worth it? Well, yes and no.

As is typical with almost any Matt Shaw book, there is a certain amount of grossness (is that a word?) to A Christmas to Remember. A man is feeling bitter because his wife took the kids and left him for another guy. She does him the favor of bringing his kids by to spend Christmas with him, but he has some plans of his own.

You see, this man found his ex-wife’s boyfriend, killed him, and cut him into little pieces. Some of the pieces he wraps as gifts and places under the tree, and one large piece, he serves for Christmas dinner, all the while planning on cutting his wife’s head off and placing it on top of the Christmas tree.

Intrigued so far?

Now, there are several ways the story can go and it’s up to the reader to decide. Will the kids find out? Will this nut job actually serve human meat at Christmas dinner? Will the couple get back together? It’s up to you to decide if there will be a happily ever after, or if the guy completely loses his mind and kills his ex-wife.

A Christmas to Remember is fun, there’s no denying that. However, the more I read the “choose your own adventure” books, the less I like them. It almost feels like a cop-out for the author to take this route instead of just writing it the way he wants it. Actually, I’m sure it takes longer and it harder to write multiple endings and story lines, but that’s how it feels to me.

I love Matt Shaw. He includes offbeat humor in all his books and this is no exception. Is A Christmas to Remember one of his greatest books? No. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time and money, (it’s only $1.50!) especially if you like a totally sick and twisted story where you’re the one in control.

PS, you may not want to be eating meat when you crack this book open. Just sayin’…


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