Review: Awake by Matthew Blake

Awake is the story of Lee, a man who finds out he has a rare type of genetic insomnia that will, in time, kill him.  He, along with a friend, decide to buy a luxury RV and spend Lee’s last days traveling around the country. They drink a lot, eat a lot, and see everything America has to offer. Over the course of the book, Lee begins having hallucinations and imagines a “monster” following him around.

When I bought this book, I instantly fell in love with the idea of it. It was an interesting story that I really enjoyed at first. After the first few chapters however, I was disappointed.

All these people do is drink. I can certainly understand wanting to live it up when you find out you’re living on borrowed time, but it seems like the author doesn’t know what else to make Lee and his friend do to fill the pages of the book, so he has them drink constantly. It got old in a hurry and made half the book seem redundant and pretty boring.

Next is the dialogue. I really hate to talk smack about the dialogue in any book because it really can be difficult to write, but it really was awful. The book, overall was written well but it seems like the author hired a high school kid to write the dialogue. It was forced and not at all entertaining or realistic.

Overall, this book could have been great if executed more professionally. The characters were predictable and mundane, the story dragged out entirely too long, and the ending didn’t suit the rest of the story. It was like the author felt forced to provide an ending the readers would like.

Awake was not worth the $2.99 the author charges, so don’t waste your money.


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