ComicCon Cardiff and Living with Iain Rob Wright.

Another great blog from the lovable and very weird Matt Shaw.



So – yeah – I did my first ComicCon. Go me! I’m a massive film and television geek (read between the lines: I have too much time to waste) so this was a dream come true for me. I’ll be honest, it was an expensive dream; the hotel was £195, ComicCon was over £150 (plus another £100 deposit for two more events with them next year), petrol was £70, parking was £60 (and an additional £6 because of a fuck-up), stock and advertisement bits and pieces for the table was upwards of £300… BUT it was still a dream.

Now first things first for all you budding authors out there (or people already ‘authoring’)… I did NOT make my money back. This was never about making my money back. This was about getting out there and meeting people and putting the name out there and pretending I’m super famous and…

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