Review: Dead: The Ugly Beginning by T.W. Brown

Dead: The Ugly Beginning begins with Steve. Steve is a regular guy living his life when one of his friends calls him up and tells him to check out the news. Although the news report about zombies is disheartening to Steve, he decides to blow if off and goes to bed. He is awakened in the middle of the night by a zombie trying to break into his apartment.

He does what anyone would do. He runs. Along the way, he picks up a little girl whose mother was attacked by zombies and they begin their journey together trying to stay safe.

As the book progresses, we are introduced to other characters and the story shifts over to their POV. You’ll meet Ian and Dillon, two prisoners locked in their jail cells when the zombie apocalypse begins, Travis, who is a former prisoner himself, and Mike, Kevin, Darrin, and Cary, buddies who launch a survival plan.


It is very obvious that this author knows his stuff when it comes to zombies and human nature. This book definitely isn’t for the squeamish and there are some very disturbing scenes that may haunt you for awhile. The picture he portrays is so vivid and exciting, you’ll feel like you’re right there, next to the characters.

One thing I can tell you is that you shouldn’t get too attached to any one character, because they’re liable to die rather quickly…some right after they’re introduced. There is a lot going on and a lot of characters to keep up with, but I think Mr. Brown did a stellar job of keeping everything separated enough to where the reader doesn’t get frustrated and confused.

Dead: The Ugly Beginning is the first part of a multi-book series and one I look forward to diving into even deeper.

After reading Dead: The Ugly Beginning, I think that if zombies ever “attacked,” I’d like to be right next to T.W. Brown. He’s put a lot of thought on surviving the zombie apocalypse and I’d bet he could keep me safe.


One thought on “Review: Dead: The Ugly Beginning by T.W. Brown

  1. Much thanks to you, Dawn for queuing me up and sharing your review. And if any of your readers comment TODAY (11/11/14), I will offer them the audiobook, epub or MOBI copy of this first book if they say that your review has made them curious enough to dive into the disturbing world of the DEAD. (They simply need to email me at to claim their prize and mention The MIGHTY DAWNZILLA in the subject line.)


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