So how do you get reviews?!

Leave reviews people. Positive or negative, they really do make a difference. 🙂


Writing a book is not easy work. I am fortunate in that I do not have children to distract me like some other authors I know. I hear how they try and juggle their writing with their family lives and it sounds like hard work. In my life I have a cat (who sleeps most of the time) and I have a wife (who also sleeps most of… I mean… who goes to work for hours each day). This means I have plenty of hours to waste away with writing and brainstorming new ideas. With that in mind I guess it is a fair statement that I have it easier than other authors in that respect.

Being a writer isn’t just about writing the stories though. There’s also the marketing of said book (a nightmare to figure out) and this and that… But the hardest thing, for me, to figure…

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