Review: Angel Manor by Chantal Noordeloos

I’m going to start off apologizing for this review. I’m sick with the flu that is threatening to turn into something more and it’s really kicking my ass. I hope each of you had a tremendous Thanksgiving, if you celebrate the holiday, and if not, I sincerely hope you had a great week. Now, on to Angel Manor.

The prologue to Angel Manor starts us off on a wild, hauntingly terrifying journey of child sacrifice, gore and terror. You think it’s going to be another haunted house tale and while those are great, they’ve been done…a lot. This one may start out that way, but it doesn’t take long for it to turn into a supernatural tale of ancient evil that will have you turning pages long into the night.

The protagonist, Freya, inherits her mother’s childhood house and although it terrifies her, she goes against that little voice that tells her to run away and with her friends, plans to open a hotel in the abandoned building.

Once they begin work on the house, strange things begin to happen. The “angels” inside the house begin turning the friends against each other, making them act in strange ways, and these spirits work on their weaknesses and their fears.

Freya knows to be afraid of this house, but she has NO idea what is about to happen to her and her friends – and neither do you.

This story appealed to me because given an opportunity, I would gladly spend time in a “haunted” house. Now I will admit to you, as I have to the author, that I was wary of this book because it was written by a female. Yes, I know. it’s the 21st century, blah, blah, blah. Anyone who follows this blog knows I think female writers often either lack the ability to write true horror, or hold back because they are afraid to be judged as weird – or whatever.

Chantal certainly changed my mind with this book. There is more gore and real horror in the prologue of this book than there have been in many of the horror books written by men in recent years. It’s not gratuitous gore and violence, either. It adds to the story and is necessary for everything to play out. She writes with intelligence and balls, two things often lacking in today’s books. This is one book, unlike many other I’ve read, that will stand the test of time and I will definitely be re-reading it in the future.

Let me issue a strong warning here. This book deals with Pagan sacrifices that involve children. If things like this bother you, you may be better off avoiding this one.

Angel Manor is haunting, brutal, gory and a fun, crazy ride. It sells for $3.99 on Amazon.


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