Review: The Exiled (Audiobook) by William Meikle – Narrated by Chris Barnes

When several young girls go missing around Scotland, it falls on Detective John Granger’s shoulders to find them. The kidnapper is smart, and only leaves behind the mutilated bodies of black swans in his wake, but Granger feels like he’s running out of time to solve the mystery. He enlists the help of his brother Alan and together, they try to solve the mystery before any more girls disappear.

The Exiled is a combination crime drama/horror novel. It was the first I read from this author – well, listened to, actually. I liked the story because the horror, at least in the beginning, is subtle and exciting at the same time. I wanted to know who was taking the “wee lassies” and I also wanted to know more about the protagonist, John Granger.

I am not a huge fan of audiobooks, but Meikle executed the story brilliantly, gave enough description of the different settings to make me feel like I was in Scotland, and didn’t bog the story down with needless details. You learn to love John right from the start and when you find out why the girls are disappearing, it will send chills down your spine.

Okay, okay. Let’s back up a minute. I said I’m not a huge fan of audiobooks but I am a HUGE fan of narrator Chris Barnes. He brings a unique voice to each character, yes, even the female characters. He’s Scottish so that was a plus since the book is set in Scotland. (makes sense) He reads with such intensity that you know he’s enjoying the story just as much as you are. I only listened to this book at night since, you know, I have a job, and I couldn’t wait to climb in bed with a hot cup of tea, close my eyes, and let Chris immerse me in the story. He kept me up way too late some nights and I want him to narrate everything in my life from now on. I wonder if he’s up to it?

The Exiled runs about five hours long and is worth every minute. You can pick it up on Audible. Enjoy.


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