My Favorites in Horror for 2014

Oh my gosh, 2014 is almost over already! I hope you guys and girls have had a great 2014 and that Santa brings you everything you ask for for Christmas.

It may be a bit early to start putting together end of year lists, but I wanted to list five of my favorite horror reads for 2014. Now let me preface this list by saying that just because these books are on this list, doesn’t mean they were published in 2014. It just means I read them this year.

I think there’s something for everyone here. If you like extreme horror and gore, I’ve got two for you. If you like something a little more mild, with a touch of the supernatural, you’re in luck. Like a crime drama mixed with your horror? Yep, I’ve got ya covered.

So…in no particular order, here are my picks for 5 of the best horror novels of 2014.

1. Porn by Matt Shaw.

This is the perfect story for those who like a shockingly brutal tale with an ending you’ll never see coming. If you don’t love Matt Shaw’s writing, you may not be a true fan of horror.

2. The Picture Frame by Iain Rob Wright.

Less brutal and gory than Porn, The Picture Frame is the story of a family that goes through hell after they dig up a picture frame that is much more than any of them thought.

3. Angel Manor by Chantal Noordeloos.

Angel Manor is a brutal, gory tale of a haunted mansion that is so creepy, it will make your hair stand on end.

4. Meat: Uncut by Michael Bray

Meat: Uncut is a new, original spin on vampire stories. And truthfully, it’s gross, which is half the fun.

5. The Exiled by William Meikle

Fans of crime dramas mixed with a little horror will love The Exiled. Whether you choose to read the book or listen to the brilliant narration by the talented Chris Barnes, this story will not disappoint.


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