Review: My Deadly Obsession by Matt Shaw

My Deadly Obsession is the story of a man who becomes so completely infatuated with a singer, he would do anything to be with her. It’s told in first-person and the man in the story is never given a name, which to me, adds to the story.

He’s obsessed with a singer named Sindy and decides to get her attention by recording a series of YouTube videos. The guy is obviously off his rocker and thanks to Shaw’s first-person narrative, we get to see exactly what is going on in his head.

This short story is not as dark, gory, or disturbing as many of Shaw’s black cover books so it is perfect for the horror fan who doesn’t want something quite so dark.

I really love books that mirror real life or discuss things that could happen in real life, so this one was a winner for me.

Book Description:

She does not know who I am yet. That is fine. A lady in her position, riding high with her music career, would have no reason to know me. Not yet at least. That is all to change though. I will edge my way into her life, I will make her realise that I am the one she is supposed to be with. I can picture it now, she will see my videos dedicated to her on my YouTube channel and she will drop every thing to come for me. We will be the perfect couple. Far better than her current boyfriend – the abusive imbecile failing in his own music career if you can call it that. Someone needs to do something about him before he further tarnishes the reputation and career of my love, my Sindy Cole.

For 99 cents, you can’t beat this great little story of love and obsession.


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