What’s On Your TBR List?

Happy New Year!

If you don’t want to read this post, that’s okay. If you do, great! If you want to reply with some of the books on your own TBR (to be read) list, even better.

There are so many horror novels I feel like I’m missing out on. I read pretty quickly but things like audiobooks and reading books sent to me to review slows me down. I always feel like I’m behind and I hate missing out.

My ADHD often makes me horrible at organizing and remembering anything, so by listing the books I’m looking forward to reading right here, not only might I open your eyes to some different books in the horror genre, I can also refer to this to choose my next read. So there. My mental issues are a win-win for everyone.

Okay…on to the (incomplete) list. I will add book descriptions for a few, which will hopefully spur your interest in the same books.

  • Like most people, I sometimes judge a book by its cover, and I want to read Becoming by Jacob Rayne because of its amazing cover. It was designed by the totally awesome Stephen Bryant, and if the book is half as good as the cover, I think I’m in for a treat.
  • Next on the list is High Moor 3. Last week, I posted a review for the High Moor audiobook. The story was so well-written and intense, that I didn’t hesitate in buying High Moor 2: Moonstruck. I’m about halfway through, and it’s proving to be just as brilliant as the first. High Moor 3 is due out in April.
  • Next up, From the Deep by Michael Bray. I’ve owned this book since it came out but haven’t managed to read it yet. Here’s the description:

Something has awoken. 

Roused from its slumber following an Antarctic ice quake, an immense beast has risen from the depths. Dwarfing even the mighty blue whale, the gargantuan wonder of evolution takes charge of the oceans, setting a catastrophic chain of events in motion.
Henry Rainwater is a rookie crab fisherman trying to make his own way in life. After surviving an encounter with the beast which sees his father and the rest of the crew of their family boat killed, Rainwater becomes a recluse, deathly afraid of the creature which lurks in the ocean.
The only man that believes Rainwater is Andrews, an ambitious scientist charged by the government to investigate the existence of the creature. Rainwater soon finds out that Andrews has different motivations for locating the beast.
Driven to find his redemption and clear his name, Henry must overcome his terror and set out to sea in order to track down and kill the creature, in the hope of finding it before Andrews and his unhinged superior, Russo can put their own plan into action, one which could have terrible repercussions for the entire human race…
Sounds pretty creepy, right?
  • T.W. Brown is the author of the Zomblog series, and although I have read many of these books, I’m still lacking a few. So these will definitely be the recipients of my attention sometime this year.
  • Matt Shaw is some kind of writing machine. He has so many books already out, and writes them so fast, I can’t keep up. So I will generalize this entry by saying that I will read as many of his books as I can this year, despite the fact that he plans on releasing many more over the next 12 months. His books are gory, shocking, and disturbing, which to me, puts them at the top of the heap.
  • A couple of books that don’t really qualify as horror, but that I want to try anyway, are the Coyote books by Chantal Noordeloos. There are currently two books in the steampunk series and while they’re not technically horror, I’ve been assured they are worth my time. Here’s a description to whet your appetite and pique your curiosity:
No one knows where or when the mysterious rips will appear, but from them, Outlanders walk the earth, leaving chaos in their wake.
Coyote, a charismatic bounty hunter, travels the land with her enigmatic partner, Caesar. Together –with the help of magic and technology—the unlikely duo tracks down these dangerous criminals from different worlds. Along the way, Coyote discovers a secret that threatens to shatter everything she believes about herself, her father, and her sworn enemy, James Westwood.
Whether Outlander or inner demons, some things can’t be solved with a six shooter.”
  • As you know, I’ve already read everything Iain Rob Wright has out, but I know he will be writing lots more this year. So he’s automatically guaranteed a spot on this list.
  • And finally, Of a Feather by Ken Goldman makes the list because it is supposedly as creepy as Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” and that excites me more than you could ever imagine. For the record, I hate this cover. Just sayin’.
So there you have it. These are some of the books I think will be worth my time and yours, dear horror fans. Let me know if you’ve read any of these and if so, what you thought of them.

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