Review: Slush by Glenn Rolfe

I’m going to skip the book description for Slush  because it is a book of short stories and flash fiction, so I will delve into each story just a bit, to give you a taste of what you’ll get, should you choose to check this one out. (and you should)

I heard about Glenn Rolfe when he released his debut novel The Haunted Halls last year. Of course, life gets in the way of my reading and I haven’t had a chance to check out that book as of yet, but it is definitely at the top of my TBR list.

I’m not usually a fan of short stories. I prefer to completely give myself over to a long novel where I get the chance to really get to know the characters, but, this is one collection I’m glad I didn’t miss.

Ready to dive into what Slush has to offer? Okay then, let’s go.

Skull of Snakes starts out as a simple story of boys being boys – until they find an old coin on a train track, and everything in their world changes. The phrase ‘money burning a hole in your pocket’ will take on a new meaning after you read this one.

Sweet 16 is a dark story of young love. Out of all the stories in this anthology, this is probably my favorite. If you’ve ever wished you could be with the love of your life all the time, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Jackie Boy is, in a word, disgusting. Jackie Boy seems like a regular kid, for a minute, and then you discover his hobby. Another favorite of mine.

Anyone who has ever been bullied in school by a ‘mean’ teacher or coach will love The Curse. This one is well-written and will have you cheering for the protagonists, Jillian and Cindy. However, this is not really my kind of story and is probably my least favorite of this collection, although the ending was brilliant.

The Delicious Death of Parker Stephens is the most unique tale in this collection. Parker loses his life to a most unlikely predator. Beware, this one is pretty gross.

I’m In Here scared the hell out of me. It deals with one of my greatest fears and no, I won’t tell you what that is. You’ll have to read it to find out.

Many teenagers go through a phase in their lives that makes them hate looking into a mirror. We all go through it, but unlike most of us, Henry does something about it. This one is super creepy and a lot of fun.

Something Lost almost made me cry. It’s the story of losing a father and it is incredibly well-written and moving. I highly recommend this if you’ve ever lost someone you love.

In Ballad of the Best-Selling Author, Jackson has had enough of the over-saturated zombie genre. When a famous zombie author comes to town for a book signing, Jackson loses his cool, and we soon find out why. This one has a really creepy ending.

Candle Magic is almost poetic, and as far as the writing goes, this one wins hands-down for me. Lines like, ‘This astral plane patiently observes me stumbling through its world of juxtapositions’ shows off the true talent of this author.

Flaws begins innocently enough and quickly turns to the dark side. People die, pets die, and things turn ugly when Dennis’ need to kill comes to the surface.

Finally, Halloween Worm is a disturbing and disgusting tale of a bully, his victim, their unlikely alliance, and a pedophile.

Although there were one or two stories that really weren’t my cup of tea, each one came from the author’s heart and disturbing imagination, and in my mind, Slush is a winner. It’s only 99 cents on Amazon and worth every penny.


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