Review: Poor Jeffrey by Paul Flewitt

Book Description:

Sometimes magic works…
Grief drives people to extreme behaviour, and when Poor Jeffrey Kinsey is killed, his friends go to some extreme lengths to bring him back…

But Jeffrey’s death isn’t the only thing going on in town…

Several girls have disappeared, only to be found half eaten by an unidentifiable creature later… it’s enough to drive a town insane.
For Tommy, Jade and Chloe the next few weeks will make them or break them… and a story begins…

Poor Jeffrey; he never wanted death to be this way…


I always get a little nervous when I start a novel set in America, but not written by an American. Often, the scenes seem a little “off” and the dialogue isn’t realistic. However, Paul Flweitt has it mastered.

The story begins with Jeffrey’s death. He’s hit by a truck and his friends go to extreme lengths to bring him back from the grave. Meanwhile, there’s a bad guy running around Jeffrey’s small town, killing people.

It took me awhile to figure out what one story had to do with the other, but in the end, it all played out beautifully. Poor Jeffrey is told in a couple of different POVs yet the writing remains clear and the reader shouldn’t be confused by everything that is going on.

I would have liked to have seen a little more “show” and a little less “tell”, and more backstory on all the characters would have been nice. That said, I think this is a strong story that shows the depth of the author’s imagination. I think we have a lot to look forward to from Paul Flewitt.


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