Writing: Behind the scenes! Why reviews are SO important.

Reviews are the bread and butter of so many deserving Indie authors. It shows them their work is read and even if you slam a book, it gets them attention. Don’t be afraid to leave an HONEST bad review. If the book was crap, leaving a constructive review will only help the author improve. Happy Reviewing!

Author Brooklin Skye


It seems so simple, right? You pour your heart and soul into a writing piece and that one fine day finally comes…it’s PUBLISHED! The excitement is unparalleled to any other feeling of accomplishment. Sales are booming and you wait impatiently for the reviews to start pouring in….

I wait…

And wait…

And wait…

Where the heck is everyone? Your fan base, the people who have emailed you and pledged that YOU will be their favorite author until their dying day. They are going to name their next born child after your character. YOU changed their life. YOU saved their marriage. YOU put the spice back in their boring everyday romantic interactions…

I can’t tell you how much I adore hearing these things. It makes me feel as if everything was worth it. The hard work, the hours of slamming my head into my desk. The tears that would overtake me…

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