Review: Tumble by Allison Dickson

Book Description:

When Miranda starts finding several of her son’s objects in the dryer, she is desperate for a rational explanation. After all, he died nearly a year ago. These things shouldn’t be here. But when all reason fails and her obsession over these artifacts begins to grow, she’s forced to consider more unthinkable alternatives. Either some unseen force is trying to communicate with her, or she’s flirting with madness.

From the bestselling author who brought you STRINGS, “Tumble” is harrowing journey into the darkest depths of a grieving mother’s mind that will leave you breathless.


Horror doesn’t always come in the form of monsters, ghosts or zombies. Sometimes, horror happens in real life and sometimes, it’s all in your head. In Tumble, Miranda lived through the horror of losing a child and as she struggles to cope, while raising another young son, her dead son’s objects that she swore she got rid of, start reappearing in her home.

As a mom, this short story was incredibly heartbreaking. It helps make readers understand that everyone grieves in their own way and although I was expecting it to be a ghost story of sorts, it turned out to be something completely different. The twist at the end of the story is both shocking and horrifying.

I became a fan of Allison Dickson after reading Dustan apocalyptic short story that I will never forget. Tumble is a gut-wrenching story that will leave you wondering what is real, and what is all in your head.


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