Let’s Clear Something Up

I know I just posted a review this morning and I apologize for making two posts in one day, but I needed to get this out in the open.

I received an email this morning from someone who signed it as “KP.” I don’t know who this person is, whether it is a male or female, or why he/she couldn’t post his/her accusation on this blog rather than in an email but it’s worth addressing.

This is what it said:

“I’ve followed your blog for awhile now and enjoyed what you had to say but your starting a trend. Why do yuo review so many Matt Shaw books? Does he pay you? Its ok if he does but you should let us know.”

First of all…what? Are you kidding me?

I have never, ever been paid to write a review. EVER. If an author offered to pay for a review, it would be a giant red flag that screamed, “My book sucks. if I pay you, will you say nice things about it?” Besides that, with as many books as I read, if authors started paying for reviews, I’d be loaded. Trust me when I say I’m not.

Let me explain my process to you. I have close to 1,000 books on my Kindle. I finish one, I spend a lot of time choosing the next. Yes, it may be a book by Matt Shaw or it may be, as was the case yesterday, a book from an author I’ve never read. *Gasp* (Which I enjoyed, BTW) I read it and review it in the hopes of getting the word out to all you fine people about some worthwhile books. That’s it. No hidden agenda and I’m not receiving monthly checks in the mail from any author. Period.

Accusations like this not only question my integrity, but the integrity of the authors who work their asses off producing books people like you and I might enjoy, and that is completely unacceptable and wrong. Do I get free books in exchange for an HONEST review? Sometimes. More often than not, though, these are just books I enjoy reading. I pay for them just like you do. Matt Shaw is definitely one of my favorite authors. So is Iain Rob Wright, Ian Woodhead, Chantal Noordeloos, T.W. Brown, and about 50 others that come to mind. Doesn’t it make sense that I gravitate more toward their books than some others?

The next time someone wants to come around accusing me of something like this, I hope he/she has the balls to do it here on the blog, where other readers, authors and reviewers can speak up and defend themselves.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Clear Something Up

  1. It seems a typical trend in today’s culture where people can only feel good when taking shots at others. You just keep doing your thing and brush off the crumbs. Writers appreciate you, I know this one does.


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