Review: Vine of the Earth: Scorched Flesh by Ian Woodhead

Book Description:

A crescendo of screaming blasted from billions of mouths around the globe. Within seconds, most of the human race stopped breathing, but they didn’t die, just – changed.

Our civilisation ceased to exist on that day, but the invasion didn’t begin with the aliens turning our kind against ourselves, nor did it end. The few of our species that did somehow escape the change, we fought back. They never broke our spirit, no matter what vile monstrosities they unleashed upon us.

Welcome the first book for Vine of the Earth. An alien invasion story like you’ve never experienced before.


I love Ian Woodhead. Besides being one of the nicest authors I’ve ever met, his writing has come a long way since I discovered him a couple of years ago.

Vine of the Earth is an apocalyptic tale told in first person and I am so glad he chose to tell the story in this way. I love the relationship between Travis and his best friend Mark. There’s humor, and they act the way best friends act toward one another, even if they spend most of their time drinking or drunk.

The story takes a while to build but when it does, it does, it’s crazy. The human race is all but annihilated within a very short amount of time which makes it intense from beginning to end. I will say that I thought it felt a little rushed in some places and I would have liked to have seen a bit more character development. The characters, although likable, needed just a bit more to round them out. Otherwise, this was a solid, unique story that will leave you wanting part 2.


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