Review: Night of the Wendigo by William Meikle

Book Description:

Four hundred years ago a Scottish cargo ship fell prey to a Wendigo at an early settlement on the Hudson River. Now a team of archaeologists have uncovered the boat, and let loose the evil.

Soon Manhattan is hit by an ice storm like no other. Besides the wind and ice, there is something else moving in the storm. Blue, cold things, with razor sharp teeth


For those who don’t know, a Wendigo is a huge, scary demonic beast with long razor sharp teeth that is famous for cannibalism. The tales say that the creature favors eating the people who eat other people and the legends are popular in Canada and the northern U.S.

Okay then…

When I finished Night of the Wendigo, I tried to figure out what this book reminded me of. I think the best comparison would be to an old creature movie. This story has a true Lovecraft feel to it and the tension the author so brilliantly put on the page must be something like what people felt like when they went to see ‘The Thing” or “The Blob” for the very first time. Meikle puts a fascinating spin on the Wendigo tale and makes you care about every character in the story, simply because they go through so much hell just to survive. Night of the Wendigo features scary creatures, likable characters, and a setting so vividly described, you’ll want to climb under a blanket to read it, no matter how warm it is outside. The author didn’t end the book like I thought he would, which is another plus for me.

I think this is one book where you can say goodbye to real life for a little while and just sit back and enjoy the ride.


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