Review: Jagger by Kristopher Rufty

Book Description:

Other than the trailer park left to her by her deceased daddy, Amy’s favorite treasure is Jagger, her 180-pound bullmastiff. One day while she is away, Clayton, her best friend’s scumbag boyfriend sneaks into her yard and takes the dog. His prize fighting pit bull was killed during its last match, costing a lot of bad people a lot of money. To make up for his dog’s losses, and to save his own life, Clayton enlists the help of a medical student dropout to turn Jagger into a killing machine by pumping him full of experimental drugs and muscle enhancers. Now Jagger is a monster, a beast that can’t feel pain, with an unquenchable thirst for blood. He quickly breaks out of his pen and starts making his way home, tearing apart anyone in his path on his way to the one he feels has betrayed him the most—Amy.


It’s been a while since I read and reviewed a book I didn’t really like and unfortunately, that is changing right now.

This is the story of Jagger, a bullmastiff. Jagger is stolen by, as the description states, a “scumbag” who uses Jagger for dog fighting and gives him all kinds of drugs to make him mean and muscular. Instead of turning into a fighting dog, Jagger turns into a killing machine with an insatiable taste for human blood. he eventually breaks out of his kennel and starts eating people.

Books like this make me incredibly nervous. I am an avid animal lover and the subject of animal abuse and dog fighting really saddens and angers me. I went into this book with a lot of trepidation. I also own an English mastiff, which, although not quite the same as a bullmastiff, is pretty damn close, so this should have made the story even more realistic for me.

First, It is extremely rare to find a bullmastiff that weighs 180 pounds. Males rarely get over 140, and that killed some of the realism from the very beginning. I suppose a dog that big is possible, but highly unlikely. Had the author used an English mastiff, it would have been more realistic.

Next, when Amy returns home to find her dog missing, she’s very upset until the police deputy shows up at her house.  I don’t know about you, but if my dog were to turn up missing, I would be out trying to find her, not sitting around having a beer and flirting with the cop who shows up to take my statement. This part of the book was completely unrealistic and although I’m sure it was needed to build the relationship, it didn’t make sense to be happening when it happened.

I think this book could have been cut in several places. When I have to read about what the characters ordered at McDonald’s, which played absolutely no part in the story, my interest begins to fade very quickly. In several places in this book, I had to force myself to keep reading because of all the unnecessary information. There are also some very large typos and mixed up words in Jagger and combined with the material that added nothing to the story, made me wonder if an editor ever even looked at it.

Right now, Jagger is on Amazon for 99 cents. It may be worth the 99 cents, but not any more than that.


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