Review: SickEST B*stards by Matt Shaw

Book Description:

SickEST B*stards continues from the end of SickER B*stards. To understand this short story, and wrap the events of Sick B*stards up, you need to have read the previous two titles.

That’s the shortest book description I’ve ever seen. But he’s right. If you don’t read the first two books before diving into this short story, you won’t have a clue as to what’s going on.

The Sick B*stard titles are definitely my favorite Matt Shaw books to date. SickEST B*stards brings the books to their sick, twisted conclusion by answering all the questions his readers are left with at the end of SickER B*stards. he does a great job of tying things up and I am happy knowing how it all ended. Because this story is so short, that’s really all I can say about it without giving something away.

Of course, the Sick collection are black cover books, but this finale is a white cover book. Why, you may ask? SIckEST is part of Shaw’s F*cked Up Shorts collection and these books are meant to be enjoyed if you have Kindle Unlimited. That’s right. He doesn’t want you to pay for these books. If you have KU, you get it as part of your membership. But remember, read Sick and SickER first.


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