Review: M is for Matty-Bob by Iain Rob Wright

Book Description:

What follows are the true-life inspired events of Spring 2015.

Iain Rob Wright was a young author, trying to support his family by making a name for himself in the Horror genre. He was gathering fans quickly.

But when Iain made a fan named Matty-Bob, things became stranger than fiction. The horror in his life became more than just the words in his books.


Let me see if I can set this up for those of you not familiar with the author or Matty-Bob.

This is Matty-Bob and the picture that was the inspiration for M is for Matty-Bob: Matty-Bob is beginning his career as a writer and you can always count on him to be a little off the wall on most things. Matty and Iain have been friends on Facebook for a while and Matty is one of Iain’s fans.


Now, although this short story isn’t typical of Wright’s work, it was very well written and hysterically funny. There is a bit of tension and horror, especially when you stop and think that there are people who get this obsessed and crazy when it comes to authors, (and television and movie stars) but this book was written in jest. Matty isn’t really THAT crazy, most of the time.

This is one you’ll have to read to fully appreciate and it is available for 99c/99p or free on Kindle Unlimited. I’ve also found out that Matty’s account of the events outlined in the story has been included, but I haven’t read it yet.


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