Review: Paranoia by Kat Yares

Book Description:

Thoughts become things, or at least that is what we are told. In that vein, what you fear becomes reality when allowed irrational and debilitating control over your life. Paranoia is a short story exploring that type of fear.

You may know a person who is gripped by fear, despite having no real reason why they’re afraid. A person who has one too many locks on his or her door and bars on the windows, or a person who is afraid to leave the house. The neighbors may look at this person and wonder if he or she has gone off the deep end. That’s what happens in this short story and when something finally gets to the woman, it’s shocking and very creepy.

Paranoia is a short story, only about 10 pages long, but in those 10 pages is a chilling tale that is bound to make you think. I would love to say more, but at only 10 pages, I can’t tell you any more without giving something away. The story gets a little gory at the end, but should be fine for those who prefer a darker psychological tale.

Let me briefly touch on one other thing. Yesterday, the author of this story, Kat Yares died suddenly. I didn’t know her well, but the few interactions we had led me to believe that she was a very kind, friendly, and positive person. If you enjoy the less-gruesome side of horror, please buy her books to help her family through this difficult time. She left behind a wonderful family and fans that included several horror authors, many of whom you have come to know and love.

Paranoia is on Amazon for 99 cents/99p or free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

RIP Kat. You will be missed.


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