Review: Are You Hungry, Dear by Thomas Flowers

Book description:

Jacob Miller has had some serious troubles. DUI. Prison. Divorce. Dead end job. Nothing ever could go right for Jacob. But when he stops at a mysterious pizza shop for dinner, he’ll discover just how bad his luck really is. Mama, the proprietor, seems legitimate enough, kind even, but when something begins to grow inside him, Jacob discovers that maybe the pizza wasn’t just a pizza after all. For those who are hungry will cease to hunger and those who languish will be made anew.


I liked Are You Hungry, Dear – sort of. It’s a unique, 45-page story revolving around Jacob, a guy who drinks too much. His drinking lands him in prison and when he gets out, he takes a job he hates, and loses his family.

One night, on his way home, he stops by a pizza restaurant for dinner and meets Mama, a nice old lady who gives him her last pizza for free. Jacob takes the pizza home and chows down, and weird things begin to happen when something starts growing in his gut.

I don’t know if the author hired an editor, and considering I have heard many good things about him, the way this book read came as a surprise. The writing was choppy, there were extra words sprinkled throughout, and he even used the wrong words in a couple of spots.

There was no real explanation as to who (or what) Mama was or what the thing was that was growing inside Jacob. At one spot in the book, a character falls down and pops her knee out of place, making her unable to walk. Next thing you know, she’s up and running for her life.

I’ll give the author the benefit of the doubt on this one, because, as I said, he comes recommended by authors and readers alike. However, Are You Hungry, Dear is just okay, not great, by any stretch of the imagination.


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