Review: Under a Colder Sun by Greg James

Book Description:

A Grimdark Fantasy Adventure set in a world of Darkness and Chaos!

Khale the Wanderer: dark warrior of legend, a reaver with a demon’s soul.
King Alosse: ruler of Colm, willing to risk everything to save his city and its people.
Princess Milanda: an innocent, kept pure since birth, unknowing of her fate.
Neprokhodymh: the cursed city of sorcerers where Khale must make a choice that will scar him for life, or fall into darkness forever.


Okay – Under a Colder Sun isn’t technically horror. It’s gridmark fantasy at its best. It’s dark, it’s brutal, it’s gory, and if you really think about it, horror falls into many of those same categories, right? So, humor me for a moment and let’s talk about this book that comes highly recommended by readers and reviewers alike.

Under a Colder Sun is the first tale of Khale the Wanderer, a truly evil character who finds himself wanting to do the right thing, but to do the right thing, he must commit some serious wrongs. Everyone is afraid of Khale because he has mysterious powers and he is a deadly warrior.

Khale is required to take the king’s daughter Milanda to be married to the Autarch in Neprokhodymh. (I had to look in my book to spell that) He spends the night in the castle before heading out on his journey and while in the castle, a murder is committed and we learn why he has to take Milanda to her destination.

The first thing that I noticed while reading this book was its settings. Each one is so beautifully detailed in James’ writing, yet it doesn’t feel bogged down in needless detail or boring at all. The next thing that caught my attention was Khale. One minute I loved him, the next I was hoping for his slow, painful death. There’s no doubt he’s meant to be a bad guy, but the complexity of his character will bring about a lot of mixed emotions.

This book will appeal to fantasy readers as well as those who love horror. It’s reminiscent of Conan the Barbarian, although much darker and the best part of all? Book 1 is free on Amazon.

Under a Colder Sun – U.S.

Under a Colder Sun – UK


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