Review: The Last Bus by Paul M. Feeney

Book Description:

We’ve all been there – the dreaded early morning commute.

The surly driver; the obnoxious teenagers; the guy who just has to invade your personal space; the awkwardness as everyone avoids any kind of social interaction with anyone else; the frustrations of snarled-up traffic and tail-backs.

For most of us, a trip on public transport is about as bad as it gets.

For these passengers, it’s about to get a lot worse.

Jonathon, Justine, and Hanna don’t know each other but they’re about to be thrown together as a simple journey to work turns into a race for survival. Mysterious object begin to fall from the sky, the early onset of an alien invasion.

Mutated monsters, trigger-happy soldiers and personality clashes abound on…

The Last Bus.


In the debut novella by up-and-coming author Paul M. Feeney, a bus is filled with passengers as an explosion hits downtown and changes their world forever. After the explosion rocks the center of the city, weird things begin falling from the sky, killing everyone they touch in a most horrific way. The people on the bus are safe, or are they?

This apocalyptic tale is engaging and more than a little creepy. Feeney writes clearly and beautifully and describes everything from an uncomfortable bus ride to the invasion in vivid detail, without giving us unnecessary facts that make the story drag.

If you like well-written alien invasion tales with a touch of horror, this is your kind of book. There will only be 250 print copies available, each one signed and numbered by the author. At this time, Crowded Quarantine Publications has no plans of releasing this book on Kindle or any other electronic platform, so if this kind of story interests you, which it should, order your signed, numbered copy for $11 U.S. or £7 UK at the link below.

The Last Bus


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