Review: Pound by Shaun Hupp

Book Description:

Life’s not fair for Matt. Being overweight and bullied all his life has turned him into a loner. Rather than venturing out into the world, he’d rather stay up in his room watching porn and eating fast food.

But his world is about to change. One Saturday afternoon while he’s home alone, the doorbell rings. Matt meets the girl of his dreams.
However, this is NOT a simple love story….
This is NOT a tale of love at first sight….
This is NOT going to end well for anybody…

Who will survive…. POUND

Word of Warning: This is an extreme horror tale. There is plenty of blood, gore, sexual content, and explicit language to offend those who are easily offended.

You have been warned. Do you proceed?


Poor Matt. All his life he’s been bullied for one thing or another and the kid can’t catch a break. He spends most of his time in his room watching porn and eating junk food.

One day, Matt’s life changes forever. His parents are out when a beautiful girl rings the doorbell. She claims her car broke down and wants to use his phone. Shy, awkward Matt is more than willing to let her in and soon, she’s asking for a tour of his house. They end up in his bedroom, and that’s when things turn ugly.

In the meantime we have Trish, the unhappy wife of a man who works too much and is never home. Trish is lonely and often brings men from work home for a little fun. This time, when she and her lover walk in the door, they are greeted by a large man with a hammer who instantly changes Trish’s life forever.

This is an extreme book, meaning there’s some pretty gross stuff going on. It’s only around 80 pages long, making it easy to finish Pound in less than an hour. The way the characters are written, the author makes it easy to like them, and care about what happens to them, and this is especially true for Matt. The poor kid get bullied and picked on for everything and eventually, he cracks.

Each character was realistic and everything gets all twisted at the end, keeping me on my toes. I never knew what to expect and some of the scenes were very gross – which is just how I like them.

Although this isn’t my first Shaun Hupp book, it was the first extreme horror book written by this author that I have had the pleasure of reading. There was a lot about this story that reminded me of Richard Laymon’s work so if you like that kind of story, give Pound a try.


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