Review: The Necromancer’s Apprentice by Icy Sedgewick

Book Description:

A magical novella, straight from the pen of Icy Sedgwick!

Though Jyximus Faire lives in a crumbling tenement in the Underground City, he escapes the squalor daily to attend lessons in magic and sorcery at the prestigious Academy in the City Above. But the pace isn’t fast enough for Jyx. He wants to learn everything – and he wants to learn it now.

Then the dread necromancer general Eufame Delsenza sets her sights on Jyx; she needs a new apprentice, and Jyx fits the bill. When she tasks him with helping to prepare royal mummies for an all-imporant procession, he relises this might be the chance of a lifetime.

Will Jyx’s impatience lead to him taking his education into his own inexperienced hands, and can a necromancer’s apprentice really learn to raise the dead – and control them?


Jyx is a bored student at the Academy in the City Above. He lives with his mother and sisters in the Underground City, where the family barely scrapes by. Self-taught in many aspects of magic, Jyx is bored in his classes so he sneaks into the academy’s library to teach himself everything he should be learning, but isn’t. He gets caught and is facing expulsion when he receives an offer he can’r refuse by the Necromancer General – face expulsion or work as an apprentice for the Necromancer. His choice is a no-brainer.

He takes the apprenticeship and soon gets into trouble when he can’t resist teaching himself how to bring back the dead. All hell breaks loose and Jyx faces a horrifying punishment for his lack of self-control.

I went into this book not knowing anything about it other than it contained mummies. I was pleasantly surprised by the author’s writing and how much care was taken in developing the characters I came to care about early on. You feel bad for Jyx and his family at the beginning, and when Jyx messes up, you can’t help but to feel sorry for him, despite his predicament being his own fault. The plot moved along at a perfect pace and I hear there’s a sequel in the works. The Necromancer’s Apprentice is the perfect combination of fantasy and horror and I’m looking forward to the next installment.


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