Review: Behind Closed Doors by Matt Shaw and Others

Sorry to hit you guys with two reviews in one day, but I’m playing catch up.

Behind Closed Doors is an anthology revolving around one apartment building. Each story, written by a different author, showcases one of the residents in the building. If nothing else, this collection proves you never really know who your neighbors are, or the secrets they keep.

Book Description:

The brain-child of extreme horror author Matt Shaw, “Behind Closed Doors” brings some of the biggest indie authors together in this collection of madness.

One apartment complex, Nine original stories. Come and meet the residents!

Featuring stories by Matt Shaw, Michael Bray, Stuart Keane, Paul Flewitt, Ian Woodhead, Craig Saunders, Shaun Hupp, Andrew Lennon, Matt Hickman and Mr.E Jones.


Obviously, there are some phenomenal authors in this group. I’ve never read a Michael Bray, Matt Shaw or Paul Flewitt story I didn’t like and Ian Woodhead, Craig Saunders, Andrew Lennon, Stuart Keane, and Shaun Hupp always bring something unique to any story.

What really surprised me was Matt Hickman’s entry in this collection. Since I am familiar with all these authors, and since the name of the author didn’t appear until the end of the story, I tried guessing which author wrote each story. Some were easy, I guessed Shaw and Woodhead right away for example, but Hickman pleasantly surprised me with his writing. Until I finished his story, I really thought it was Stuart Keane’s submission.

Some of my favorites in this anthology include, Michael Bray’s Apartment 11, Matt Hickman’s Apartment 6A, Ian’s Woodhead’s Apartment 4C and Matt Shaw’s Apartment 8B.

In reality, there’s not a bad story in the book, but as is the case with most collections, some “clicked” with me more than others.

This is really a great little collection and if you’ve never read these authors, now is a good chance to sample their work.


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