Review: What Gets Left Behind by Mark West

Book Description:

In 1981, Gaffney was terrorised by the Rainy Day Abductor.

Local girls went missing.

And two boys made a terrifying discovery.

Now one of them has come home, to try and lay the past to rest.

Originally published as a limited edition chapbook (which sold out four months prior to publication) by the acclaimed independent Spectral Press in 2012, this edition includes an exclusive afterword where West explains the origin of the story.


What Gets Left Behind is the emotional and terrifying tale of Mike, a man who returns to his childhood home after a tragedy struck the town. Much of the story takes place in the 1980s and recounts what happened to Mark and his best friend when they were kids.

As this story is only around 30 pages long, I can’t really reveal too much. What I can tell you is that after reading Drive last year, I fell in love with West’s writing. The man can set a scene and always makes his characters realistic and believable.

What Gets Left Behind is a chilling tale of loss and facing your inner demons, and readers will be thinking about this story long after they’ve finished reading. Check it out for the low price of $1.99 or read it free on KU.


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