Review: A Debt to be Paid by Patrick Lacey

Book Description:

Nowhere to run!

Gillian Foster is desperate. She received a very strange letter in the mail not long ago. Since then, she’s been seeing shadowy figures everywhere. Coming for her. Frantic to find a safe place, she leaves home with her daughter Meg, only to find there is no way to outrun her pursuers.

Twenty years later, Gillian has been admitted to Hawthorne Psychiatric Facility. Meg receives a similar letter and is hunted by an unseen force. Is Meg also mentally ill, or are these creatures real? And if so, was her mother right all those years ago? Is there no place to hide?


A Debt to be Paid is my first read by Patrick Lacey and I have to say that I was impressed. The story held my interest and despite being a new author, Lacey set the perfect pace for this story. While some stories rely on monsters to deliver the horror, Lacey’s story scares you with something far worse – shadows.

The only part that slightly disappointed me was that there was really no explanation as to what the shadows were and how they chose their victims.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read that doesn’t rely on gore and cliches to scare the reader. It’s a short read that is well worth the price. Show Samhain publishing and a new author some love and pick up A Debt to be Paid.


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